Home Plumbing Repair Issues – Common Home Plumbing Repairs And How To Fix Them

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No matter if you are in a new home or an older home in the Orlando, Florida area, you can still run into some home plumbing repair issues. While some are more extreme than others, below you will find some common problems and what you can do about them.

One of the main home plumbing problems most people deal with is the sudden lack of hot water. Anytime you run into this problem, you can bet the problem is going to lead straight to your hot water heater. There are many things that can cause a hot water heater to malfunction, but one of the main reasons is the calcium deposits that can build up. The calcium deposits will put a massive limit on just how much hot water your heater can produce. By replacing the heating elements, you can potentially get your hot water back to flowing like it should. However, sometimes water heaters are beyond repair and will have to replaced no matter what you do.

Faucet leaks are another common problem that home owners will face at some point. The good news here is that most faucet leaks are fairly easy to fix and most times is caused by a bad seal in the handle. The easy fix is to simply take the faucet apart and replace the seal that has been worn out. Just make sure you remember how you took it apart so you can put it back together. You’d be surprised how many times there are left over parts when home owners take things apart.

The scariest problem when it comes to home plumbing repair is a clogged toilet. There is never a time for this to happen that is better than others, there are times when it’s horrible though like when you have company. The first thing to try is to plunge the toilet to see if you can force the clog to move through the trap. If that doesn’t work, call a professional asap to get it fixed as it could be a very serious plumbing problem.

Sometimes your toilet may not seem like it’s clogged but the flush power just isn’t what it used to be. If you’re not able to get everything down in one flush, adjust the float in the tank to where it sits higher than it does now. This will allow more water to be used in the flush and will many times get you the results you want.


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